World of Aeilsar (WoA) is a medieval type of world, there sword and bow rules the battlefields. There is also magic of various types and creatures like the mighty dragons.

WoA contains a wide variety of races, kingdoms, monsters, etc..

We will post some more information and a map with parts of the world, when the book nearing publisingdate.



Humans is one of the most common races in WoA. They have many kingdoms around the world and is often at war with other kingdoms. Humans in WoA is similar to those of our world, but have special abilities not yet discovered or accepted in our world.

Humans in WoA excels in trading, farming and specific craftmanships. Humans is jack of all trades.

Humans have similar body sizes as in our world. Size, height and looks varies a lot.



Elves is one of the oldest races in WoA. They are not as populous humans, but the elven magic is much more potent than their human counterpart.

Elves have many special abilities, they are wise and charismatic. The elves also have the ability to age slowly and thus live to as much as 300 years without magic aid.

Elves excels in diplomacy, magic and elven related crafts.

Elves is slim, average height is about 150-160 cm for adult females and 160-170 cm for adult males. The elves is considered as very good looking to humans and thus many humans easily fall in love with elves.



Khitanas is a cat like race, with short fur and spots like a cheetah or stripes like a tiger. They are a fierce warrior class type of race who spend the better half of their life excel in fighting. Their honour in combat is well known.

Khitanas have many special abilities and they are both strong and agile. Livespan is as much as 80 years.

Khitanas excels in fishing, fighting and khitana related crafts.

Khitanas is tall and size varies a bit, they can be very muscular or slim. Average height for adult females is 180-195 cm and 195-210 cm for adult males. They are considered fierce looking but those who knows a khitana knows their looks can be decieving.



Dwarves is as elves not very populous and also one of the oldest races in WoA. They are one of the most battle hardened races in the world as a result of many attacks by other races.

Dwarves have many special abilities and they have strong health and are very spiritual. The dwarves also as the elves have the ability to age slower than other races and can be as old as 200 years.

Dwarves excels in mining, construction and dwarven related crafts.

Dwarves appearance is similar to humans, just shorter and more sturdy in their body. Males grow beards at an early age compared to the humans. Average height for adult females is 130-140 cm and 140-150 cm for adult males.



Aons is a fox like race with long fluffy tails and doesn’t seem very intimidating, but as with the khitana’s looks can deceive. They come in various colours and are not a populous race, but are more numerous than the elves and dwarves. They Draw magic from the elements and only elves match the magic abilities of those of Aon’s.

Aons as the other races has many special abilities and are very intelligent and agile. They live to be as old as 100 years.

Aons excels in jewellery making, magic and aon related crafts.

Aons is one of the shorter races in the world and have a slim body. Average height for adult females is 120-130 cm and 130-140 cm for adult males.



Vargons is a wolf like race that have a tail like the wolf. The whole body is covered with fur. Colours are usually grey in different varieties. Black, white and brown or a mix can occasionally be seen. They are slightly more populous race than the aons.

Vargons have several special abilities and are very dexterous and intelligent. They can become 100 years old.

Vargons excels in hunting, stealth and vargon related crafts.

Vargons has slim bodies with visible muscles. Average height for adult females is 160-170 cm and 170-180 cm for adult males.



Orc is a very populous race, also one of the older races in WoA. The orcs often war other races. Orcs are easily united under a strong leader.

Orcs have many special abilities, they are strong and very spiritual. The orcs live to be about 70 year.

Orcs excels in woodcrafts, warring and orc related crafts.

Orcs appearance is dull green skin and is very muscular, even the females are very muscular compared to other races. Average height for adult females is 160-170 cm and 170-180 cm for adult males.