Done some minor changes to the content on the page and will add some new stuff soon.


Minor changes to the layout for the site.


Added marble background.


Orc race have been added to WoA section. Thanks for the feedback on typo's and those have been corrected.


Vargon race have been added to WoA section. Minor changes has been done to the other races.


Aon race have been added to the WoA section. Also swapped back to orange background colour. Flag symbol for language changes has been added.


Dwarves have been added til the WoA section. Some minor changes has also been done to the other races. We changed background colour to light blue to check out how it look like.


Thanks for the feedback and typo's have been fixed. :)


Khitana race have been added to the WoA section.


Elves have been added to the WoA section and some updates on humans.


Some updates have been done all over the site and some information regarding the book and the World of Aeilsar have been added.


Happy New Year Everyone!! Best wishes to for the new year.


Should be displayed properly in Chrome now.


The homepage doesn't display correctly in the browsers Internet Explorer and Chrome to our knowlegde. We will try figure out how to make it work in all browsers.


Hello my dear friends. It has been a lot of issue to handle in which has slowed down the process with the book project. Finally we have our web page up so all who are interested can keep track on how things are progressing.

The home page will be shaped as we go, but first I want to show that something is actually happening. ^^

The first book is planned to be printed in both English and Norwegian. We have not decided which language would come first. Depends on the editing process and prices to print. Hopefully we can do both language launches at the same time.

The goal will be to have both languages covered in 2012.

We will keep updating the home page as often as needed.

I would like to thank all those who has been helping and supporting this project, without you this would not be possible. ^^


The homepage is up. We are working on improving it. :)